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Why Did Axis Aces Have So Many Kills

Why did the German Aces have so many air kills? Intro When it comes to World War 2 many people often cite the high kill numbers of German and Japanese Pilots. The problem is they usually try to use these numbers to make various points on how effective the Axis forces were, well, there are many problems with this. Luckily the third most successful German ace of World War …

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Viking Warfare Myths Vs Realities Debunked

[Debunked] Viking Warfare – Myths and Realities

Intro Vikings are often portrayed as fierce warrior savages that pillaged and plundered through Europe that were mostly undefeated. Well, according to recent research most of it is wrong or not really distinctive for the Vikings. So, basically a lot of information is wrong what seems to be common knowledge about the Vikings and I am not talking about superficial …

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Why The Japanese Air Forces Failed In World War 2

Why the Imperial Japanese Air Forces Failed in World War 2

Intro The Second World War to a large degree was determined by the disparity of the economic capacities and manpower between the Axis and the Allies. Yet, solely looking at production numbers and men can lead to a deterministic or even fatalistic interpretation that prevents us from looking at other factors that also played a vital role in the defeat …

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Atlantic Wall Atlantikwall Example Of A Coastal Defense Position

Atlantic Wall – Example of a Coastal Defense Position (Atlantikwall)

Background The Atlantic Wall or “Atlantikwall” in German was an extensive system of coastal defences and fortifications reaching from the South of France to the Northern parts of Norway. In some areas the defenses were quite formidable, whereas in others areas they were lacking. In this video I give you a short overview on the French parts of the Atlantic …

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Arado Ar 234 First Jet Bomber Variants

Arado Ar 234 – The First Jet Bomber and some special Variants

Intro The Arado 234 was the first operational jet-powered bomber in the world. Only a little more than 200 were built, even less saw actual combat. Nevertheless, it earned its place in aviation history and is worshipped by some members of the War Thunder community as a deity. The initial studies for the Arado 234 were started as early as …

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Battle Of Britain Fighting Balance Of Force

Battle Of Britain – The Fighting & Balance of Force

Intro – Fuzziness: Phases & Geography The Battle of Britain is like a cuddly toy, it is popular, everybody wants to touch it and it’s very fuzzy. Or as professor Overy put it: “Most battles have a clear shape to them. They start on a particular day, they are fought on a geographically defined ground, they end at a recognizable …

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British Infantry Division 1914 1916 Organization Structure Visualization

British Infantry Division 1914/1916 – Visualization – Organization & Structure

Basic Numbers of a 1914 British Infantry Division In 1914 a British infantry division consisted of about 18100 (18073) men. The division was equipped with 5600 (5592) horses. 24 Machine guns, 54 18 pounder field guns, 18 4.5 in howitzers and 4 60 pounder heavy field guns. (Source: Richard Rinaldi: Order of Battle of the British Army 1914 and others …

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Yorktown Vs Shokaku Class Carriers Uss Enterprise Hijms Zuikaku

Yorktown vs. Shokaku class Carriers – USS Enterprise vs. IJN Zuikaku

Intro In Mid 1942 two of the most modern aircraft carriers in the US Navy and Imperial Japanese Navy were the USS Enterprise and the HIJMS Zuikaku. So let’s take a look their dimensions, defensive capabilities and aircraft loadout. Dimensions The length for the Enterprise was 251 m or 824 feet, whereas the Zuikaku was 257 m or 845 feet …

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