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Why Did Axis Aces Have So Many Kills

Why did the German Aces have so many air kills? Intro When it comes to World War 2 many people often cite the high kill numbers of German and Japanese Pilots. The problem is they usually try to use these numbers to make various points on how effective the Axis forces were, well, there are many problems with this. Luckily the third most successful German ace of World War …

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Viking Warfare Myths Vs Realities Debunked

[Debunked] Viking Warfare – Myths and Realities

Intro Vikings are often portrayed as fierce warrior savages that pillaged and plundered through Europe that were mostly undefeated. Well, according to recent research most of it is wrong or not really distinctive for the Vikings. So, basically a lot of information is wrong what seems to be common knowledge about the Vikings and I am not talking about superficial …

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