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Trebuchets Traction Counterweight Medieal Weapons 101

[Weapons 101] Trebuchet – Traction & Counterweight – Medieval Equipment Intro “The word ‘trebuchet’ has been used for convenience to designate the rotating-beam siege machines, in the full knowledge that other terms were also used in the Middle Ages, and that the question of nomenclature remains unresolved.” (Hill, Donald R.: Trebuchets, in: France, John: Medieval Warfare, p. 271) Now, since we covered that part, let’s get started. There are …

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Archers And Bows Medieval Units 101

[Unit 101] Archer and Bow (Medieval) Intro The Medieval era is a bit problematic, because it spans a very large time period of around 1000 years, depending who you ask, after all historians have different views on when the Middle Ages started and ended. This video will cover for most part the general information about what we know about Archers and their weapons during the …

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Viking Warfare Myths Vs Realities Debunked

[Debunked] Viking Warfare – Myths and Realities

Intro Vikings are often portrayed as fierce warrior savages that pillaged and plundered through Europe that were mostly undefeated. Well, according to recent research most of it is wrong or not really distinctive for the Vikings. So, basically a lot of information is wrong what seems to be common knowledge about the Vikings and I am not talking about superficial …

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