Infographic German Infantry Division 1914-1918

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The A7V the First German Tank

Want to learn more about the Sturmpanzerwagen A7V check out the video and article here...

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German Tank Division - Visualizaton

Organization and Structure of a German Tank Division in 1939. Special Look at the 1st Panzer Division with intended vs. historical setup.

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Check out the Channel Trailer! (YouTube)

Want to learn about Military History? You like short and engaging videos? You are at the right place, watch the video and check out the script including sources and more information right below.

German Squad Tactics In Ww2

German Squad Tactics & Organization in World War 2 Intro Time to take a look a German Squad Tactics in World War 2. Two important points, first a squad rarely acted alone on the battlefield, it was used in coordination with other squads of its platoon and/or company. Second, the main source for this is the US Manual “German Squad in Combat” from the Military Intelligence Service released …

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Tanks 101 Armor Protection 1920 1980

[Tanks 101] Armor Protection 1920-1980 – Features and Characteristics

Intro Time to talk about the basics of Tank Armor. After all, we all wanna know the basics when we are diving into tank designs in upcoming videos. Note that this video is limited in scope and mostly deals with developments from the interwar period up to the 1980ies. Anyway, let’s get started with armor materials. Armor Materials The usual …

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Trebuchets Traction Counterweight Medieal Weapons 101

[Weapons 101] Trebuchet – Traction & Counterweight – Medieval Equipment Intro “The word ‘trebuchet’ has been used for convenience to designate the rotating-beam siege machines, in the full knowledge that other terms were also used in the Middle Ages, and that the question of nomenclature remains unresolved.” (Hill, Donald R.: Trebuchets, in: France, John: Medieval Warfare, p. 271) Now, since we covered that part, let’s get started. There are …

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Japanese Field Fortifications and Defensive Organization

Japanese Fortifications and Defense Organization in World War 2

Intro Time to take a look at some Japanese field fortifications and defense measures. Note that in this case I used mostly sources from US military intelligence in World War 2. Unlike the Atlantikwall video this video is about the small scale units, hence you will see an individual bunker and also layouts for company and platoon defenses. Note that …

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Comparison of the German Army 1917 vs. 1944

Comparison German Field Army 1917 vs 1944 [Document]

Special thanks to Matthias Hoffmann for providing information on the German Field Army in 1917. Intro The title of this video may appear like click bait, yet actually it is the short version of a document from the organization department of the German Army’s Generals Staff in July 1944. The original title of the document was: “VERGLEICH DES FELDHEERES 1917 …

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NATO Unit Counter Guide Niehorster Dialect

NATO Unit Counter Guide – Niehorster Dialect Intro Well, time to look at the NATO counters or to be more exact at what I called the Niehorster Dialect. For all those who don’t know, Leo Niehorster did a lot of research on unit organization specifically the German Army in World War 2. Additionally, he provides a lot of information on his homepage for free. Now, why …

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Archers And Bows Medieval Units 101

[Unit 101] Archer and Bow (Medieval) Intro The Medieval era is a bit problematic, because it spans a very large time period of around 1000 years, depending who you ask, after all historians have different views on when the Middle Ages started and ended. This video will cover for most part the general information about what we know about Archers and their weapons during the …

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Why Were The Allies Surprised Battle Of The Bulge

[Battle of the Bulge] Why were the Allies surprised?

Intro The Battle of Bulge was the last major German offensive operation in World War 2. Yet, it caught the Western Allies by surprise. How was this possible? After all, the Allied military intelligence throughout the war was for the most part very good or even excellent. There were major successes for longer operations like the Battle of the Atlantic …

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Assault Artillery Stug Life Assault Gun History Organization

Assault Artillery – History & Organization of Assault Gun Units #Stug Life Intro Time to talk about the famous the German assault guns or as they are called in German “Sturmgeschütze”. Now this video is more about the branch and organization and not individual vehicles. Thus, the name “assault artillery”, because this is the translation of the original name for this branch in German which was “Sturmartillerie”. Origin Story Now, the …

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Us German Atlantic Strategy 1939 1941

US and German Atlantic Strategy 1939-1941 Intro Time to take a look at the overall Strategy in early World War 2 concerning the Atlantic. This video will cover the views, actions and development of the German and American side from the time of the outbreak of the war to the situation just before the German declaration of war against the United States. So let’s get …

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