Infographic German Infantry Division 1914-1918

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The A7V the First German Tank

Want to learn more about the Sturmpanzerwagen A7V check out the video and article here...

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German Tank Division - Visualizaton

Organization and Structure of a German Tank Division in 1939. Special Look at the 1st Panzer Division with intended vs. historical setup.

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Check out the Channel Trailer! (YouTube)

Want to learn about Military History? You like short and engaging videos? You are at the right place, watch the video and check out the script including sources and more information right below.

Why The Luftwaffe Failed In World War 2

Why the Luftwaffe Failed in World War 2 – Failures, Shortcomings and Blunders

Video Note the following is the script for the video NOT an article, furthermore it might be a bit different to due last minute changes. There is usually also a bit more detail in the script.

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Falklands War Guerra De Las Malvinas Inevitable Defeat Argentine Perspective

Falklands War – Argentine Perspective – An Inevitable Defeat?

Note the following text is the script, not an article. Intro In the Falklands War in 1982 Argentina suffered a disastrous defeat, thus many believe that Argentina never stood a chance. Yet, taking a closer look at the Argentine side reveals that the conflict wasn’t a forgone conclusion at all. During and prior to the conflict the Argentine leadership committed …

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German Tank Division Organization Visualization 1 600x400

German Tank Division (1939) – Organization and Structure – Visualization

Video Below is the Script to video, note that this is not an article and is probably not really meaningful without the video. Intro – Distribution of Men A German Tank division in 1939 consisted of about 12000 men. 3000 of them were assigned to the Tank Brigade, 3200 to the motorized infantry brigade and 1200 to the artillery regiment. …

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A7v Crewlayout 2 980 Overlay

The First German Tank – The A7V Sturmpanzerwagen

Introduction The A7V or “Sturmpanzerwagen A7V” was the first German Tank and saw action in the later stages of the First World War. The rather unusual name of the tank was directly derived from a transport department in the war ministry, notably the department 7. (Abteilung 7 Verkehrswesen) (S. 54/2). The A7V was not only the first German tank, it …

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