Infographic German Infantry Division 1914-1918

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The A7V the First German Tank

Want to learn more about the Sturmpanzerwagen A7V check out the video and article here...

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German Tank Division - Visualizaton

Organization and Structure of a German Tank Division in 1939. Special Look at the 1st Panzer Division with intended vs. historical setup.

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Check out the Channel Trailer! (YouTube)

Want to learn about Military History? You like short and engaging videos? You are at the right place, watch the video and check out the script including sources and more information right below.

Waterloo Napoleonic Era Combat Vs Modern Combat

[Waterloo] Napoleonic Era Infantry Combat vs. Modern Combat

Intro The realities of Napoleonic infantry combat were very different from that of the World Wars and especially contemporary combat. This video takes a look at the weapons, basic principles and other important factors from that era. In order to provide a more relatable and vivid impression I will use references to modern weapons and combat. Weapon Comparison First off, …

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Preview Infographic German Infantry Division 1914 1918

Infographic – German Infantry Division 1914/1918 – Organization, Structure & Numbers

Video German Infantry Division 1914/18 – Visualization – Organization & Structure Sources Stachelbeck, Christian: Deutschland Heer und Marine im Ersten Weltkrieg ( affiliate link)

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German Infantry Division 1914 1918 Organization Structure Visualization

German Infantry Division 1914/18 – Visualization – Organization & Structure

Infographic – German Infantry Division 1914/1918 – Organization & Structure Intro – Basic Numbers of 1914 Division In 1914 a German infantry division consisted of about 18000 men. The division was equipped with 4600 horses. 24 heavy Machine guns and 72 light field guns. (Source: Stachelbeck: Deutschland Heer und Marine im Ersten Weltkrieg (S. 120) – affiliate link) Organization …

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Organization Imperial Roman Army

Imperial Roman Army – Organization & Structure

Intro The Roman Imperial Army consisted of Provincial Armies Garrison in Rome And the Navy The brunt of the forces was in the Provincial armies that were made up by the legions and their auxiliaries in total around 240k men. The Garrison in Rome was about 15k men, although few in numbers these units were the most powerful in political …

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Soviet Air Force Vvs 1941 1942 Defeat And Recovery

Soviet Air Force 1941/1942 – Defeat & Recovery

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Logistics German Air Force Luftwaffe World War2 Ww2

Logistics of the Luftwaffe in World War 2

for a more thorough look check my video on why the Luftwaffe Failed in World War 2. Intro In order to understand the logistics of the German Air Force (Luftwaffe) in World War 2, we must take a look at the rearmament process, the military control of the industry, the attitude towards logistics and the dominance of the operational-tactical approach. …

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The Logistics Of Alexander The Greats Campaigns

The Logistics of Alexander the Great

Script & Notes Intro – Alexander the Great Alexander the Great started in 334 BC his series of conquests that would last for ten years. He successfully invaded and conquered the First Persian Empire. In 326 BC he invaded India, but eventually had to stop the campaign, because his troops wouldn’t carry on. In 323 BC he died in Babylon …

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Stalingrad Romania Germanys Blamed Ally

Stalingrad & Romania – Germany’s blamed Ally

Note this is a script for the video, this is not intended as an article, but it contains also a few more information and references. Intro One common theme in Germany and Austria was and sadly still often is to blame the Romanians and Italians for various German defeats in World War 2.Probably the most common is to blame the …

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Us Army Infantry Battalion 1944 Attack Tactics World War 2

US Army Infantry Battalion Structure & Attack Tactics World War 2 (1944)

This is the script for the video, not an article. US Army Infantry Battalion Numbers In 1944 an US Army infantry battalion roughly consisted of 900 men. These were divided up in the HQ Company with 120 men. Three rifle companies with 190 men each. A weapons company with 160 men and a medical detachment with 30 men. The HQ …

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How Does A Mortar Work Basic Principles Military History Visualized

How does a Mortar work?

The text below is the basic script of the video. Intro A modern mortar is a weapon that provides short-range indirect fire at high angles, usually between 45 and 80 degree. The first modern mortar was the so called Stokes Mortar, it was developed during the First World War unlike traditional mortars it was relatively small and mobile, which made …

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